Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Updated April 8th, 2024, from my home in New Zealand.

Almost finished writing “Useful Not True

See the newest table of contents and recommended books at the “Useful Not True” page.

I’ve been working on this almost full-time for two years, and I’m so excited to be almost done. I’m super-happy with the book.

visiting every /now page from

I’d written automatic bots before, but those can be wrong. So now I’m visiting all 2000 /now pages listed at to see who’s current.

learning the Go programming language

I’ve used mainly Ruby for 20 years now. But for the next 20+ years I think Go is for me. (Combined with the PostgreSQL database and its built-in PL/pgSQL functions.)

I’m learning from the book “Let’s Go” and loving it.

the pet mouse lives another day

Our pet mouse is now three years old! That’s like 100+ in mouse years. (To be clear: she’s been our beloved pet that whole time.) We take her out in nature to play. She swims at the beach, digs in the sand, climbs trees in the forest, eats with us at the table, sits on my son’s shoulder as he reads, and has spent many hours in his (or my) hand or pocket.

Many times a day we check to make sure she’s still alive, and are so thankful she is. Her younger siblings have all died of old age. Mice are good pets.